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The Revolution of Rationality

2716666550_696e2e976b_bIt’s the beginning of the new year and I’ve realized that the climate in the dorama scene is starting to become filled with dead unupdated blogs and stifling fangirl love raves. It’s always “Squee! Kimutaku is sexy and I must watch his next show to admire his HAIR” and honestly, articles like this are simply not useful. What if I simply want to find out if a series is worth watching? Sure, I could jump onto D-addicts and browse the forums for some hints and tips which have been very useful to me personally but it felt like I was a pioneer setting sail in hopes of finding rumoured treasure.

I will be posting up reviews about shows and occasionally music related to doramas or actors/actresses while aiming to present content that is not marred by excessive fanboy/fangirlism. All is in the name of fun though, so it’d be great if people would comment and discuss their opinions!


One response to “The Revolution of Rationality

  1. wasshoi b October 14, 2011 at 4:26 am

    You’re quite right. Most of the dorama “reviews” I’ve read are quite unhelpful. There’s got to be only a handful of people who takes the time to think it out and write it down into sensible words.
    I haven’t actually seen all of these dramas/movies you reviewed, apart from that French Kiss short drama, as I am an AKB fan myself (Yuki oshi btw).
    I wonder if you’ve seen JIN though. I am a fan of historical/period type stories, and I thought this one was quite good.

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