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FREE PAPER!–How I Wasted Time in Japan


Not too sure what exactly I was thinking when I decided to do these things in Japan but they do make for funny stories.

Shopped at Kinokuniya

Went to Kinokuniya but couldn’t find a single book related to anime or hobbies. They sold calendars and posters of all 4 actresses in my ‘about’ page along with many more popular idols for pretty cheap but I chose not to buy any as I thought I’d find another shop like this. I didn’t =(

Ate at Mos Burger

This would have been a more valuable experience if I a) could read the menu, b) ate at mos burger in Singapore, and c) didn’t point at the vegetarian mayonnaise special burger. It was still excellent but I probably should have gone to the famous ramen store 5mins away from here.

Stare and Marvel at the Train System

Should have grabbed an english leaflet with the whole map on it and spent more time trying to figure out how to get to where I wanted to go. Thought I was being ‘smart’ by taking shortcuts then realized that you need to buy a new ticket every time you change lines since they’re owned by different companies. Ended up spending more than double the time and money to get from one place to another. The staff there tried their best to be helpful though they couldn’t speak a word of English.

Try to Figure Out What the English Store Names Mean

My advice is: Don’t bother.

Ate at Yoshinoya

Yoshinoya in Japan is a competitively priced donburi bar aimed at giving you normal food at cheap prices, and fast. The menu and the shop itself are both tiny, giving the place a unique atmosphere. Food was alright considering it’s Japan we’re talking about but honestly, there wasn’t anything special about Yoshinoya except that it’s completely different from the Yoshinoya in Singapore.

Shopped at Takashimaya

Takashimaya in Japan is HUGE. The stores in it are HUGE too – some, like HMV, occupy half a floor. Problem is, I found Takashimaya at 8pm which is about the time that shops are already closed or closing. The new year decorations were nice though.

Loiter Outside Stores for No Good Reason


Every store will have a poster of a popular idol advertising for all sorts of products ranging from the most mundane to the least appropriate. People probably thought I’ve never seen advertisements before.


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