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Series Review: Smile

Smile is a Japanese dorama series which attempts to take on the controversial theme of racism in Japan. It definitely didn’t sound like the kind of series that I’d normally pick up but I decided to give it an episode or two since Aragaki Yui would be playing a major role in it.


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Drama Short: Zutto Mae Kara

Yep here we go with yet another akb48 post. Unfortunately, the dorama scene just hasn’t been compelling enough lately and due to real life issues such as studies, exams and practical work, I really haven’t had the time to go through and review full series’ worth. On the other hand, akb48 has been a nice source of episodic comedic relief and of course pretty faces (that’s pretty important, isn’t it?).

[Aidol]Zutto Mae Kara(Front).mp4_snapshot_01.29_[2011.05.12_23.18.16]

As I’m unable to understand moonspeak to any form of usable degree, I’ve been following groups that provide english subtitles for various akb48 shows which led to me stumbling upon this gem of a film. Credit goes to Aidol for all their hard work in subbing the videos and unleashing them upon the internets no holds barred. If you want to watch this with subs, go to the Aidol website and there’ll be links and a password there somewhere, otherwise the drama short without subs is probably available on youtube somewhere.

Zutto Mae Kara is a dorama short film that ties in with the single of the same name sung by a subgroup of akb48 called “French Kiss” (or Furenchu kissu if you like). This song was used in a particular baseball anime called Major as an ED and so it comes as no surprise that the dorama short uses baseball as a main theme. I opened up the video website fully expecting a slipshod mismash of random scenes designed to gratuitously show off the 3 girls that make up French Kiss but was instead pleasantly surprised by the production values, amazing soundtrack and the care that went into crafting it. Read more of this post

Movie Review: Time Traveller (2010)

aka. Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo 2010


In 2010, Kazuko Yoshiyama (Narumi Yasuda) works as a pharmaceutical researcher secretly developing a formula for time travel. When she is left comatose after a car accident, her daughter Akari learns of her mother’s first love, Kazuo Fukamachi (Kanji Ishimaru), from Kazuko’s friend Goro Asakura (Masanobu Katsumura). Believing that finding Kazuo will allow her mother to regain consciousness, Akari uses Kazuko’s formula to leap back in time to the 1970s in hopes of finding a younger Kazuo. Instead, she meets and befriends Ryota Mizorogi (Nakao Akiyoshi). Together, they attempt to search for Kazuo, but love begins to blossom between Akari and Ryota, despite the fact that Akari must eventually return to the future. –excerpt from wikipedia.

It’s worth noting that Akari is the daughter of the original TokiKake film’s lead, Yoshiyama Kazuko, and that the anime film Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (2006) is only loosely related to Time Traveller. Time Traveller does pay homage to its predecessors in a few scenes but there is really no need to go dig up old dvds or the internet for TokiKake 2002 and 2006 even IF the 2006 anime film is highly recommended. Read more of this post

Movie Review – Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesia

The first review ever on “Rational Dorama Reviews” is a rerun so called from the sister blog MechaPot. Just thought that it’d feel happier here and not get bullied by the Gundam over there. I have added some content so it’s not copied wholesale.

Anyway, I watched this rather chick-flick-y movie a few days back and found it to be surprisingly good. Beware some light spoilers (that hopefully shouldn’t ruin the movie) might make it into this review.

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