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AKB48 YuruYuru Karaoke: Not a Lipsyncing Performance? BLASPHEMY!

Live performances are always interesting; you get to find out just how well your a celebrity can actually sing, perform, improvise and work together with their peers onstage (if any) and it’s usually quite obvious to the trained eye/ear if shenanigans such as lipsyncing go on. I find it particularly eye-opening to see live performances done by idols but so far AKB48’s lipsynced almost every. single. one. This is disappointing but not unsurprising either as it IS rather difficult to keep your voice steady while doing the kind of dance moves they do (admittedly the dance routines are simple and not technically challenging but there’s a fair bit of running around and vigorous movements).

cover_hThen I stumbled onto this gem of an event called the Tokyo Aki Matsuri which features numerous karaoke ‘acts’ performed solo or by combinations of the members. Best thing about it, as you’ve probably deduced from the post title is that they perform all of this sans-vocal backing track! This means we find out quite definitively who can and cannot sing and what the members’ voices sound like without postprocessing hocus pocus. Don’t know why but I enjoy digging up dirt like this on (actually all) performers that I’ve taken a liking to. Anyway, on to how the rest of this post is going to work: I’ll be linking youtube videos of select acts from the Yuruyuru Karaoke segment of the Tokyo Aki Matsuri and adding a few comments here and there. None of the videos were posted up by me because I have no money to get the DVD set (15,980yen…my wallet will create it’s own black hole and Australia will be no more if I buy it) and my monthly download quota will not allow me to Jack Sparrow a copy of the DVD box set either (33GB!!) so if the videos are down, I’m sorry. Also, I will be keeping in mind that all of these are amateur performances when assessing the participants. Read more of this post


FREE PAPER!–How I Wasted Time in Japan


Not too sure what exactly I was thinking when I decided to do these things in Japan but they do make for funny stories. Read more of this post

The Revolution of Rationality

2716666550_696e2e976b_bIt’s the beginning of the new year and I’ve realized that the climate in the dorama scene is starting to become filled with dead unupdated blogs and stifling fangirl love raves. It’s always “Squee! Kimutaku is sexy and I must watch his next show to admire his HAIR” and honestly, articles like this are simply not useful. What if I simply want to find out if a series is worth watching? Sure, I could jump onto D-addicts and browse the forums for some hints and tips which have been very useful to me personally but it felt like I was a pioneer setting sail in hopes of finding rumoured treasure.

I will be posting up reviews about shows and occasionally music related to doramas or actors/actresses while aiming to present content that is not marred by excessive fanboy/fangirlism. All is in the name of fun though, so it’d be great if people would comment and discuss their opinions!