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A K Be evil–my journey down the rabbit hole that is AKB48

1No, I’m not crazy or delirious but I do believe I’ve been poisoned.

I’m pretty sure you’ve already decided you know what this post is about but WAIT!! This isn’t a fanboy post nor will it signify the conversion of rationaldoramareviews into irrationalakb48fandom. I’m just gonna talk about how I became aware of this phenomenon that is taking over/has taken over Japan, a rational discussion of their merits and why I’m continuing to watch the variety shows they produce.

Now WHAT IN THE WORLD is AKB48? Never heard of it? Well, that’s perfectly normal and understandable if you live where I do (down under) since there’s absolutely no public awareness about the many random generic pop groups that rise and fall in Japan. So lets slow walk through this and join me in my journey down the rabbit hole… Read more of this post